Book Finds

I thought I’d pull out some of these neat animal books I’ve been buying. They don’t seem to publish books like these any more, I guess they aren’t flashy enough.

This is the kind of book I learned to draw from when I was a kid. Someone else had already identified the important lines and put in the shadow, all I had to do was copy it to learn what was going on.

Today kids seem to be learning to draw by copying manga. I guess that’s fine, too.

I also found this other book. Can you even imagine this being published today?
title page

Nowadays it’s against the law to even pick up a wild creature, and more so to take it home and take care of it. This book does state it’s for caring for babies or injured, and releasing them back into the wild when it’s time. Nowadays you have to take creatures to a rescue center immediately, or face fines.


It’s a very useful book, though, covering terrariums for frogs, and places to keep insects, and a section on birds and of course the above mammals. This one has good pictures, too, very useful for learning rudimentary drawing from.

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