giveaway, leave a comment

Here’s another little painting ready to be given away to someone who leaves a comment. I’ll figure out a way to randomly select someone–anyone can play along. The painting is 6″x6″ and even if you don’t like horses maybe you know someone who does and you can be one present ahead next Christmas!


I’ll do the selecting June 9, that’s next Monday. Be sure you leave a way for me to contact you!

9 thoughts on “giveaway, leave a comment

  1. Your paintings are darling. I’m sure I know a young girl who would love to have a horse painting. Thanks for having the giveaway.

  2. I absolutely know who I’d give this to if I won, my 16 yr old sister in law, she LOVES horses and would be so thrilled 🙂

    The painting is so beautiful, amazing work!!

  3. Beautiful painting- can’t imagine why you would give it away instead of sell it on ebay but I would love to own it!

  4. I would love to add this to my collection! I had two people just this past weekend comment on how much they like the last painting I bought from you, Jersey in the Garden, I think it’s titled.

  5. Oh yes, I know a certain little girl that would love this horsey painting to add to her collection!

  6. Hi Sandra,
    Better than just being selected for a freebie, I would love to trade a surprise fun box for the horse painting! Your thrifting stories always inspire me to look at things with an even keener eye. I am somewhat proud of my abilities to unearth a good thing and I’ve enjoyed your Journal entries and photos. I’d like to see what my favorite haunts offer that would possibly add sparkle to you and Elle’s day. If they aren’t to your liking, you can pass them on, not a problem.

    My last painting from you was a perfect portrait of the dog which we would adopt about 3 months AFTER I got the painting. Hmmm… I have to hope that if I get the painting of the horses, that we are not back in the saddle! I do have a terrific place to hang it.

    ps I keep a covered cake plate on my counter at all times. I found some scrumtious FAKE pastries – doughnuts, rolls and croissants – at a tag sale featuring stage props so I keep the stand filled at all times. If I actually need it for a cake, go figure, I just dump the fake-a-roos in a bowl in the cupboard until the cake is gone. Mine actually flips over to become a punch bowl, if necessary. The knob and top fit into the stand part and it is quite the trick.
    pss – I hope the top of this is filled out correctly. It bounced it back.

  7. I love looking at what you are working on. All these paintings lately with baby horses though…sigh. I had hoped to send you some photos of my rescue mare’s baby for you to work from. Unfortunately he was only able to be with us for 3 days and then he died. So no baby horse pictures from me this year. Thank you for painting some for me to look at though.

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