thrifting friday

My gosh, what a great haul! I saw a lady with her basket piled high (she had a baby crib set with the bunnies from the “Guess How Much I Love You” or is it “I Love You This Much”? books–great find!) pawing through the linens bin and my heart sank because she looked to be reselling on ebay and grabbing everything good. But nope, right on top was this beautiful lady and poodle. She’s sewn into a bag shape but the top is unfinished. I wonder what she was meant to be? So pretty! And about 14 inches tall!

And then this assortment of other lovelies. Cute bird, and lovely purple pansy tablescarf! Not pictured, I also bought the whispiest breath of linen and lace handkerchief. There were more items, but these were the nicest. Altogether, $5 and I still have $2.60 left on my gift certificate. That $25 is lasting a long time!


Now I’m thinking I won’t use these things, but I’ll keep collecting them and then see if Elle wants to start her own etsy business when she’s old enough to sew. It will teach her about having to spend money to make money, and how to complete projects and worry about the customer. If she doesn’t want to, fine, I can always use them myself. I figure it will take another 10 years of collecting to really be able to start a business project, anyway. They don’t come along too often.

3 thoughts on “thrifting friday

  1. I think the lady and poodle was intended
    to be a pillow cover. About the right size and looks
    to be something I would have embroidered in
    the 50″s as a teenager.

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