double points

I found a set of double pointed knitting needles at Goodwill, with cases, and it looks like all the necessary parts are there. There’s spaces for a little something, but I don’t know what it would have been. The needles have adapters, and fit the wires. I don’t like to knit with double points because I find them awkward, slow and cumbersome, but so many patterns call for them that it seemed dumb to pass these up. All were for $8, and I think one pair usually costs about $4 for the cheap ones. So now I’ll never have to run to the store to pick up that one size that of course I don’t have or can’t find. I like how these are all together so they’re not going to get lost.

Do you see those blue buttons? They have one little hole in the center. Any idea what they are used for?

The outside of the case has a blue and gold pattern, I’d say late fifties, right?


We picked up a couple kids’ books, too, but not good ones. There sure all a LOT of lousy ones with lousy artwork.

One thought on “double points

  1. I have a bit more modern set of that kind of screw-in-wire circular needles. Those little blue things in your set are most likely for putting on one end of the wire, to make a set of straight, flexible needles. I really like them because they’re color coded (helps me decipher what size they are when I find them stuffed into an empty project bag).

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