We won a $25 gift certificate at Goodwill. How cool is that? And I entered the drawing only once, too, although I could have entered a bunch of times. I noticed the jar was full of entries a couple days ago. I was going to skip poking through their stuff this week due to not having quite enough pocket change, but now $25 will buy a whole lot of stuff! Or one nice thing, you never know. The other day we picked up a wood chair to refinish and let Elle use at her desk. The seat will need to be repadded, and then the wood parts painted, but it should turn out perfect. It’s funny that it takes 2 years to find just the right old chair. You really do need to go every single day. And now we’ll be able to afford to go all week!

One thought on “Yay

  1. Sandra,
    Holy cow, I didn’t even know Good Will did that. You could do some serious damage with 25$ there. I can’t wait to see what you come up with. Have fun, Love Stacy

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