Lilacs and who knows?

My lilac shrub is blooming, and I’d like to bring some of the blooms inside. But since the tree is only about 3 feet tall at this point, and I see that snipping blooms means actually snipping off the branch tip, can someone tell me if this will help or hinder future growth? Does the tree see losing its branch tips as encouraging growth, or the opposite?

And this lacy little blue thing was part of a wildflower seed packet assortment. That packet did unusually well for seeds (for me). Does anyone know what this flower is?

Is there anything better than fresh flowers?

3 thoughts on “Lilacs and who knows?

  1. The blue flowers look like the flax I have growing in my backyard, although my plant’s flowers are more of a periwinkle color.

    According to Sunset’s Western Garden Book, ‘most’ lilacs produce flowers on wood formed the previous year, so prune just after flowering ends. “Remove spent blossom clusters, cutting back to a pair of leaves; growth buds at that point will make flowering stems for next year.” Also, “Once they [lilacs] begin blooming, prune yearly for best flower production…To encourage young shoots, cut out a few of the oldest stems yearly.”

  2. I second that! I just pruned my new lilac bush today, believe it or not. I followed the same instructions from the western garden book. Mine only has three branches but they are tall and leggy. Still, I pruned back to the two leaves and will watch what happens. I can always prune it back more next year.

  3. We have huge lilacs in my yard. Go ahead! Take as many inside as you want, as long as the plant has good sun and water next year, it should have a bloom just as good, or better!

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