Pretty things

The latest issue of Victoria magazine is out, yay! It’s dedicated to the blue and white color scheme. Don’t you just love blue and white? Of course I love pink and yellow, too, and red and white…I love so many colors, who can pick one theme? Anyway, from the latest issue I draw your attention to this hanger. Look at it closely. It has clippy clothes pins hanging from it. What a neat idea! Tea towels, as shown, or maybe your kid’s hats, or dolly clothes–boy, you could use this to keep so many things organized! Paint a wood hanger (after drilling those holes) and paint some clippy pins bright colors….I’m going to have to get on this!

One thought on “Pretty things

  1. WWWWHHHHHHHAAAAAAAAATTTT? When did Victoria magazine come back out? I was a charter subscriber from the time it first came out. I kept every single issue – although I lost the first 8 or 10 years in a flood. I received a notice about 2 years ago that they were ceasing publication. I had no idea they were back. I wish they would have contacted me to re-subscribe. Needless to say, I went straight to their site, and I am re-subcribing immediately.

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